H2OTOGS - Custom Design Swimwear / Apparel / Accessories

The H2OTOGS brand was established in 2010 in response to athletes wanting great kit that they can fully customise and buy in small quantities to allow their team members to look professional when competing at local, national or international level

H2OTOGS products are made to the highest quality and from the best designers around - YOU!!

Whether you are a water polo team, swimming squad, underwater hockey team, underwater rugby team, life saving squad, triathlon club, diving squad....you get the picture :-) and you want to look awesome in your own unique kit, then look no further, H2OTOGS is the brand for you

We have supplied thousands of athletes with team kit, please see the video below for a small selection of the kit we have already supplied. Also, below you can view our range of custom kit, which can be found on our website. Plus, we also have our dedicated H2OTOGS website here


Tim Whitwham - Bedford Modern School

"Waterpoloshop offers the best service and their custom design products (H2OTOGS) at the most competitive prices in the country"

Kevin Wicks - City of Newport Swimming and Water Polo Club

"Polo suits / Womens suits - are well made and function well in competition and training alike"

"Polo suits / Mens suits - senior mens team players in particular have been impressed with the standard and feel they are excellent value for custom design kit and compare well to other more established brands e.g. TURBO"

H2OTOGS - YouTube

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H2OTOGS - Brochure (Volleyball / Beach Volleyball)

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